Wood, Timber, Lumber Preserving, Pressure Treating etc.

Preserving of wood has been around for almost as long as the use of wood itself. There are records of wood preservation going back to ancient Greece, during Alexander the great's rule, where bridge wood was soaked in olive oil. The Romans protected their ship hulls by brushing the wood with tar.

During the Industrial Revolution, wood treatment and preservation became a standard of the wood processing industry. Inventors and scientists such as Bethell, Boucherie, Burnett and Kyan made historic developments in wood preservation, with the preservative solutions and processes.

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Fence Posts, Post

My title of today's blog is simply put! Fence posts, or fence post. What comes to my mind when I see the words fence posts?? We'll the truth is that it takes me back 40 yrs., and I see endless miles of fence posts on the wind swept prairies of southern Alberta, Canada where we spend our first forty years. The same fence lines that are there in 2013 were put into place in the fifties and still look very good. We were just in Alberta to lay my late mother to rest, and because we're involved in manufacturing fence posts and pressure treating them on a daily basis, we now notice them everywhere we go. The fence lines where we used to run our range cows in Alberta still look the same as they did for the last fifty years. I'm sure the posts are dry and brittle, but they're still doing a excellent job.

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Pressure Treated Fence Posts, Post

Here at Precision Posts, we now have lots of pressure-treated fence posts in several different sizes!

Our pressure-treated 6x8's are priced very reasonable and the 6x8 fence post that we sell go for around the $10.50 dollar figure, and they come in bundles of 21. These bundles are stacked square, and have a inch and a half stickers between each layer for consistency of drying. When you have round bundles of posts, the inside posts have totally different moisture content than the outside posts, because the air flow can't reach the inside of the bundles, therefore this affects the pressure treating process tremendously. In order to pressure-treat fence posts properly, you must have an equal drying procedure.

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What Is The Final Goal In Choosing A Proper Fence, Where I'll Never Regret My Decision?!

Do I build with steel posts? Pressure-treated wooden posts?? Or with plastic posts???

My own opinion, may differ from yours. In my estimation, and humble opinion!! Nothing looks better than a four board fence, with a cap board covering all the seams, and running all the way to the ground. This is a strong fence, and doesn't look like the three board fence, where folks drive by and say, "It looks like he ran out of funds to finish the job." If the posts are properly Wolmanized, or should we say Pressure-Treated, then a good paint job applied; You should have a fence that will stay preserved well over a lifetime!!

Come see us my friend and lets talk fence building today!! You guessed it! We sell pressure-treated wood fences!

Sams humble opinion!!