Special Thanks To All Our Customers

Hello from Sam to all our customers!

We at Precision Posts just want to sincerely thank you for supporting our company! So far we have had an excellent spring, and things just seem to be getting better each and every day. We sure look forward to serving you all as best we can. If theres any way we can serve you better, please contact us at 270-318-4640. Have a wonderful day!!!

Sam Hofer

Wholesale Fence, Fence Contractors, Fencing

We at Precision Posts are a wholesale fence, fencing company, looking for fence, fencing contractors who want to buy direct and become more competitive in today's wood fence market. We are looking for fence builders and fence contractors all up and down the east coast, also in Kentucky, and all around our state, in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, all of Tennessee, Alabama,Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York State and any other state where shipping makes sense, and our shipping cost is competitive. If you're a fence builder, contractor, or a horse fence builder in Lexington or Louisville, or Ocala Florida, or any of the other horse loving cities, and you want high quality pressure-treated, perfect, dowelled, turned, fenceposts. Please just feel free to give us a call at; 270-318-4640

Why Choose Precision Posts?

Simply put: Because we care about the indiviual. Did you ever go somewhere to buy something, and the people selling you their product, made you feel like you were a bother, and it was just a mechanical, transaction. Sorry, when that happens to me , I dont go back... life is tooo short for that.... thats why at Precision posts your more than just a number, your a special, one of a kind, creation of God. No one else can take your place, and the work you were sent here to accomplish, and its an honor, and a solem privalidge to serve you. Sincerely; Sam Hofer