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We at Precision Posts control the entire process of our pressure-treated pine fencing products from harvest to the end-user, so we can guarantee the job done properly. Our treating process is also HIGHLY  monitored by professional staff who regularly have samples of our pressure-treated fence posts and boards tested and recorded, so we have records of our treating history. Our plant has also been closely supervised to maintain the fact that our environment here at Precision Posts is under the best of protection at all times. Each of our treating staff has been schooled and has obtained their operators' license to properly apply the preserving chemicals to our products. Our goal at, as a wholesale pressure-treated fence supplier, is to provide excellent products and service, to ALL our, fence, fencing contractors, fence builders, farmers rebuilding their old fence lines that have not stood the test of time, or putting up fence for the very first time. In saying this, we are trying to bring to your attention the importance of the pressure-treating process! It is Very, Extremely, Important!!

Precision Posts wants to give you, the end-user, the very BEST pressure-treated fence posts that we can offer, so you can complete your fencing project and know you've never wasted a ton of money on an inferior product.  We GUARANTEE our pressure-treated round fence posts to be dried and properly treated with C.C.A. to the retention rate of .40. You can trust us that your investment is safe on us bringing you a quality fencing product that will last for the years to come.

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Everyone wants to be found on Google's, or Yahoo's home page for: "Who is the number one pressure treated fence post company?", and we do as well, however, the focus of our company is to provide you with the very best pressure-treated fence posts and fencing products gaining Your Referral & Repeat Business!

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