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The Perfect Doweled or Turned Fence Post

We at Precision Posts, control the entire process of our pine fencing products from harvest to the end-user, so we can guarantee the job done properly. 

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Fence Posts

At Precision Posts we produce round, cylinder type, pressure-treated, yellow pine wood fence posts. Precision Posts are guaranteed to be dried and properly treated by; Universal Forest Products, who provide a : Limited Lifetime Warranty.   

  • Posts radius ranges from 4 to 8 inches across and multiple post lengths are available.
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NEW Montana Post Driver

3 Different Sizes
A serious productivity tool built on hydraulic concrete breaker technology engineered for ease of use, longevity, and optimum efficiency
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Precision Posts is dedicated to delivering high-quality dimensional lumber and plywood to contractors, retailers, builders, and truss companies. If you require large quantities of lumber, please give us a call. Our prices are just as competitive as the big box stores!

We strive for customer satisfaction, quality, fast shipping, competitive pricing and consistency in every order received. Our goal is to make this an easy process on each of our customers. Next time you need dimensional lumber for your project - give Sam a call at 270-318-4640.

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