We at Precision Posts, control the entire process of our pine fencing products from harvest to the end-user, so we can guarantee the job done properly. Our fence pressure treating process is also highly monitored by the professional staff of Arch Chemical, who regularly has samples tested and recorded so we have records of our treating history. We guarantee our pressure treated round fence posts to be dried and properly treated with C.C.A. or M.C.A., depending on the perfered market, to the retention rate of .40%, for ground contact.  Depend on Precision Posts for your next wooden fence project for quality and pricing.



Fence Posts

At Precision Posts we produce round, pressure-treated, yellow pine wood fence posts. Precision Posts are guaranteed to be dried and properly treated with CCA to the retention rate of .40%.  Our wood fence posts have approximately 1.5 thick stickers between each bundle for maximum drying ability.  Your entire bundle is the same moisture content when pressure treating ensure a consistent quality. 

  • Posts radius ranges from 4 to 8 inches across and multiple post lengths are available.
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