Dimensional Lumber Now Available!

dimensional lumber stack

We now provide full truckloads of dimensional lumber of #2 southern yellow pine both treated and untreated products. Anything from plywood to 2"x4" boards or 2"x6" or larger boards including treated lumber. Anything you need for building that new home or barn is available as long as you order a FULL truckload (48,000 pounds) at one time and we will absolutely provide you with the best pricing in the nation.

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The American Farmer

We would like to thank: The American Farmer for their excellent job, of feeding millions of people, all around the world. We value you and your business very much, and I hope you keep on being the increadible people, that you all are! Again, thank you!!

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New Product Announcement!

The Montana Post Driver is a serious productivity tool built on hydraulic concrete breaker technology. Three different size options are available to be matched to your skid steer or excavator. Our drivers are engineered for ease of use, longevity, and optimum efficiency. We have seen experienced crews that can run at rates up to 2 posts per minute in favorable conditions. Safety, reliability, and productivity are a priority for us.

Cupped Driving Head Domed cup driving head ensures centered driving for many post applications. Flat topped cup is also available.

Triple Purpose Chain The chain we use acts as a plumb bob, it is adjustable as a depth gauge and can be used to pull posts.

Very Low Maintenance Hours of hassle-free operation. Only one grease fitting and two moving parts.

Post Rack A convenient post rack is built into the frame of the post driver on the skid steer units.