LOVE My Fencing - A Customer For Life!

It isn't often that you find a company that opens on a Saturday for you - helps you load the posts - calls to ensure you make it home safely as the load was a little bit much for the trailer!  That is just a little of the customer service you can expect from Sam at Precision Posts.  He really cares about the customer no matter what size purchase you make.  We had a small horse lot to build out and wanted to buy locally as well as find a company we could rely on for our future farm fencing needs at a fair price.  With Precision Posts, we received all of that and more here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm.  The posts were excellent quality - the pricing outstanding - customer service superb and we have a friend now in Sam at Precision Posts which is even better.    I think our project turned out great and as soon as Spring comes around we will top off the posts so they are all even and stain them to match the RAMM vinyl brown fencing and tighten everything up.  I'm happy, the horses are happy, and my pocketbook is happy!  -  5 STAR REVIEW by Marion & Mark Miller, Slaughters Kentucky

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Precision Posts would like to extend a special thank you to our many, fence bulders, and instalation crews, for their excellent service, and excellent work.  

Thank you very much for including Precision Posts as part of your extensive product line.


Wood, Timber, Lumber Preserving, Pressure Treating etc.

Preserving of wood has been around for almost as long as the use of wood itself. There are records of wood preservation going back to ancient Greece, during Alexander the great's rule, where bridge wood was soaked in olive oil. The Romans protected their ship hulls by brushing the wood with tar.

During the Industrial Revolution, wood treatment and preservation became a standard of the wood processing industry. Inventors and scientists such as Bethell, Boucherie, Burnett and Kyan made historic developments in wood preservation, with the preservative solutions and processes.

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