Precision Posts would like to extend a special thank you to our many, fence bulders, and instalation crews, for their excellent service, and excellent work.  

Thank you very much for including Precision Posts as part of your extensive product line.


Poor Little Fence Post

Today there's umpteen stories written about trains and planes, dogs and cats, horses and cows, bears, and bunnies, owls and crows, blue jays, and wood chucks, and the list goes on indefinitely. But today is a new day in history, I felt it would be a different one, and a special one when I jumped out of my bed, early this morning, and seen that my wife had failed to have my breakfast ready by 5:30, with my usual Starbucks coffee. Yes; I said to myself as I past her still sleeping form that was lost to the world of dreams! Today would be a day that her husband would make her proud, and that history would be made in reality, and that tomorrow she would willingly have my breakfast steaming by five am, with a big smile on her face.

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